Theresa May sets legally binding net zero emissions target for 2050

Young people will have the chance to share future climate policy through the Youth Steering Group that has been set up

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Industry responds to Labour’s energy nationalisation plans

It announced plans to take National Grid into public ownership as well as replace the existing distribution network operators

Third runway at Heathrow Airport cleared for take-off

MPs voted in favour of the controversial expansion plans

CBI calls for government to boost energy businesses

Business leaders need a stable, pro-enterprise environment to fuel investment, innovation and competition in the energy sector. The CBI says this will play an essential role in helping the UK grow out of austerity. The industry organisation suggests the government should step up support for low carbon investments by setting a clear and regular pipeline […]

Theresa May pledges £2bn a year for research and development

Prime Minister Theresa May has pledged £2 billion of additional investment per year for science and technology research and development (R&D) by the end of this Parliament. The funding will be focused on fields such as artificial intelligence, industrial biotechnology and advanced materials manufacturing, all believed to be vital as the UK moves towards a […]

UK won’t hit COP21 targets, say 83% of firms

A staggering 83% of infrastructure firms aren’t confident in the UK’s ability to meet the requirements of the COP21 Paris Climate Change Agreement. That is according to a new CBI survey of 728 companies. Nearly three quarters of firms and four fifths of manufacturers said improving the security of energy supply was an important long term goal for their […]

Does the UK need Hinkley Point?

  Hinkley Point C is a nuclear project which has been in UK Governments’ agenda since 2006 but do we still need the nuclear plant to be built to secure our energy system? According to Michelle Hubert, Head of Energy and Climate Change at the Confederation of British Industries (CBI), Hinkley “would be an important […]

New partnership to drive low carbon finance

A new partnership to drive the development of low carbon finance and help address sustainability and climate challenges has been announced. The Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) and the World Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work together on the development of the corporate green bond market. They consider […]

CBI says planning key to future energy infrastructure

The National Infrastructure Commission must focus on long-term planning to tackle the challenges the UK’s energy sector will face in the next decades. That’s according to a report by the CBI which named key areas the commission should prioritise to secure low carbon energy supply. It suggests the commission should embrace the circular economy, by […]

Businesses call for stable energy policies to secure supply

Businesses are calling for clear leadership and stable energy policies to ensure future capacity in the country. In an open letter to the government released by business lobby group CBI, they ask the Tory administration to deliver clear leadership to guarantee new capacity is affordable for firms and consumers. The letter signed by 18 companies […]