Call to include energy social tariff in King’s Speech

Plaid Cymru is advocating for the inclusion of an energy social tariff in the UK Government’s policy to address fuel poverty

Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng sacked by Truss

The PM has fired the Chancellor, as she looks to rip-up the idea for the previous mini budget

Rishi’s plea for cooperation to fight energy crisis

The Chancellor has called for the G20 governments to work together to stabilise the energy market

Chancellor reveals Budget for ‘a stronger economy for British people’

Rishi Sunak unveiled his spending plans in a Budget billed as paving the way to an ‘age of optimism’

National Insulation Association calls on government to extend £2bn Green Homes Grant

The body’s concerns stem from the lifespan of the initiative which is considered to be too short to deliver the ambitious government’s target of 600,000 homes

Electric cars could leave £13m ‘hole’ in Treasury takings

Electric cars could leave a £13 million ‘hole’ in Treasury takings which could affect public finances, a new report warns today. As diesel and petrol cars get more efficient, needing less fuel and as electric vehicles become more popular, this could spell a “collapse” in Treasury income from motoring taxes, claims the report. The RAC […]