Scotland launches bioenergy consultation

The Scottish Government has initiated a 12-week consultation seeking feedback on utilising bioenergy sustainably

Doubt cast on Scotland’s 2030 climate targets

The Climate Change Committee raises concerns over Scotland’s ability to meet its 2030 emission reduction goals due to missed targets and delayed plans, urging urgent action and effective policies

CCC: UK’s climate crisis response falls short

The Climate Change Committee argues that the UK’s Third National Adaptation Programme fails to adequately address climate challenges, leaving the country vulnerable

CCC warns: No loosening of future UK emission targets

The Climate Change Committee has commended the UK Government for meeting the Third Carbon Budget but strongly advises against carrying forward surplus emissions to relax future carbon budgets

MPs call for more scrutiny on carbon budgets

The Environmental Audit Committee has underscored the need for parliamentary scrutiny to address concerns about the UK potentially falling short on the fifth and sixth carbon budgets

CCC: UK climate ambition criticised for “mixed messages”

The Climate Change Committee highlights that mixed messages, including new fossil fuel developments and adjustments to net zero policies, have damaged the UK’s global climate reputation

NAO: Government fails to ensure biomass sustainability in £20bn support

A new National Audit Office report reveals that despite over £20 billion in government support to biomass businesses in the past two decades, the government lacks adequate evaluation of sustainability compliance

Chief climate adviser Chris Stark steps down

Chris Stark is set to assume the position of Chief Executive at the Carbon Trust later this year

CCC: UK Government’s net zero U-turn to hit wallets hard

The government’s own climate advisers have issued a stark warning that the policy rollback is likely to lead to a significant increase in energy bills for the public

UK climate chiefs “concerned” by Sunak’s net zero approach

The Climate Change Committee has warned that the government’s announcement may hinder the UK’s ability to meet its legal obligations