Edinburgh commits to becoming a sustainable food city

It has become a signatory to the International Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration

Welsh Government and Ford plug in £1.8m for low carbon vehicle innovation

The Ford Low Carbon Vehicle Transition Fund seeks to address strategic industrial technical challenges associated with low carbon vehicles and encourage businesses to move beyond manufacturing internal combustion engines

Climate action groups call to postpone COP26

The Climate Action Network suggests vaccine inequity, unaffordable accommodation and travel challenges could lock out many developing countries COP26 delegates

Extinction Rebellion’s ‘Blood Money’ march hits City of London

Central London’s big banks and giant financial organisations became a target of today’s protest

‘Climate change puts one billion children’s lives at risk’

New UNICEF report reveals young people living in the Central African Republic, Chad, Nigeria and Guinea are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change

Lifestyle changes needed to address climate emergency, say Welsh majority

A majority of those surveyed also believe a net zero emissions future would be better for their wellbeing (77%) and health (80%) and around half said it would be better for the economy

The IPCC Report in 60 seconds…

What were the key findings and points to take from the IPCC’s report on climate change yesterday?

US awards $15.6m to accurately predict weather and climate patterns

The projects are expected to help scientists better understand one of the most challenging aspects of earth system modelling

Scotland’s Stirling launches green transport hub

The project will generate renewable energy to power onsite buildings, EV charging infrastructure and street lighting

Fresh £6m investment announced for green spaces across London

Cutting-edge data, including new climate risk mapping that highlights where Londoners are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, will be used