‘Carbon tax could have netted £23bn for UK’

The government has been urged to tax major polluters, reallocate £3.35 billion from North Sea fossil fuel support and eliminate “harmful” Energy Profits Levy incentives

Planet burns: Hottest three months on record

Earth has experienced its hottest three-month period on record, as reported by the European Union-funded Copernicus Climate Change Service

Sir Tony Blair: UK public net zero efforts alone insufficient

Former Prime Minister, Sir Tony Blair, has emphasised the necessity for global cooperation in achieving net zero goals, cautioning against expecting Britain’s efforts alone to solve the climate crisis

UK achieves 13% reduction in carbon footprint

The reduction in the carbon footprint during 2020, was primarily influenced by decreased emissions from transportation, domestically produced goods and services, according to a report

‘Over 20% of global population faces dangerously high temperatures by 2100’

Current climate policies fall short of Paris Agreement goals, with projected 2.7°C warming, leaving two billion lives in jeopardy, according to new study

Earth’s temperature set to skyrocket, breaking the 1.5°C barrier by 2027

Global temperatures are predicted to exceed the 1.5°C threshold in the next few years, signaling a critical milestone in climate change

UK’s environmental tax revenue blossoms to new heights!

In 2022, energy tax revenue maintained its position as the primary contributor to environmental tax revenue in the UK, accounting for 74.7% of the total, according to a report

Experts call for ban on artificial grass in home gardens

Sheffield scientists are calling for a ban on artificial grass and incentives for homeowners to garden sustainably to tackle climate change and promote healthier urban landscapes

Hotter and riskier: Northern Ireland’s climate change challenge

The Climate Change Committee has noted limited evidence of delivery, data gaps and a need for further development of Northern Ireland’s green plan

“The cheapest and cleanest energy is the one that we never consume”

Karol Gobczyński, Head of Climate and Energy at Ingka Group, the largest IKEA retailer in 31 countries, told ELN that refraining from investing during the era of energy transition and crisis cannot be considered a viable solution