Scotland’s energy strategy delay raises concerns

Scottish Renewables has stressed the need for prompt action to secure Scotland’s position as a leader in renewable energy

The Scottish Government‘s highly-anticipated Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan, initially slated for release in Spring 2022, is now scheduled to be unveiled by next summer, marking a delay of more than two years.

This delay has raised concerns in the energy industry. 

Nick Sharpe, Director of Communications and Strategy at Scottish Renewables, responded to this postponement, highlighting the urgency of the situation.

Mr Sharpe said: “It is now more than four years since the Scottish Government declared a climate emergency. This document was due in Spring 2022 and a delay of more than two years is not the pace at which policymaking should move in an emergency.

“The UK Government is slowing down on its journey to net zero and many barriers still stand in the way of our industry’s continued development, so it is vital that the Scottish Government sets out as soon as possible how it intends to deliver on the undoubted promise of its draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan.”

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