Sir Tony Blair: UK public net zero efforts alone insufficient

Former Prime Minister, Sir Tony Blair, has emphasised the necessity for global cooperation in achieving net zero goals, cautioning against expecting Britain’s efforts alone to solve the climate crisis

Sir Tony Blair has voiced his concerns about the ambitious expectations placed on Britain in combating climate change.

In a recent interview with the New Statesman magazine, the former Prime Minister recognised climate change as a major global challenge but warned against relying solely on Britain‘s efforts.

Sir Tony Blair has emphasised the importance of collective action from all countries, particularly in addressing emissions from China.

Sir Tony Blair said: “Don’t ask us to do a huge amount when, frankly, whatever we do in Britain is not really going to impact climate change.

“The number-one issue today – and this is where Britain could play a part is how do you finance the energy transition? Because, basically, the developed world’s emissions are going down, but the developing world’s are going up.”

Sir Tony Blair’s views surfaced a day after energy giants, such as Centrica, Shell and Drax, reported substantial profits.

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