UN says oil and gas delegates have to disclose ties at summits

More than 600 fossil fuel employees were present at COP27

Fight climate change, not each other, says COP28 President

Sultan al-Jaber has said the climate strategies that countries pursue “must leave no one behind”

UK unboxes £65m clean tech investment at COP27

The new funding aims to make clean technologies accessible and affordable to developing countries

“Climate security goes hand in hand with energy security”: PM Rishi Sunak

UK PM Rishi Sunak mentions rising energy prices are a “reason to act faster” on climate change

Peace needed for climate action, says President Zelensky

Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky told the UN’s COP27 climate summit that Russia’s war has destroyed nearly five million acres of forests in less than six months

EU chief at COP27: “Let us not take the highway to hell”

The President of the European Commission has urged countries to accelerate action on climate change

COP27: EU and Kazakhstan partner on batteries and renewable hydrogen

They signed an agreement at the UN climate summit in Egypt, with the aim of boosting the green and digital transformation of their economies

Rishi Sunak labels Ukraine a reason for faster climate action

“There really is room for hope,” the PM said in his COP27 speech

Boris Johnson: “I am the spirit of Glasgow”

The former Prime Minister has said the war in Ukraine has impacted countries’ efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Britain to strike major LNG deal with the US

The Prime Minister will reportedly announce details after the COP27 summit