Ofgem chief urges support amidst 5% energy price hike

Energy regulator Ofgem has announced a 5% increase in the energy price cap for the first quarter of 2024, resulting in a rise of £94 for an average household

High energy bills ‘force one in seven parents to miss childcare payments’

Nearly 14% of parents have missed childcare payments due to soaring energy costs, with 18% of households failing to pay essential bills in the past year, according to a study

Octopus boss: “Standing charges have become way too high”

As Ofgem seeks input on energy standing charges, Greg Jackson, Founder of Octopus Energy, calls for regulatory change, emphasising the disproportionate impact on low income consumers

Customers hit as suppliers seek to recover costs of PPM ban

The Committee on Fuel Poverty opposes Ofgem’s plan to allow suppliers to recover costs related to the moratorium on involuntary PPM installations

SSE earns living pension accreditation

The energy company has achieved triple accreditation as a Living Pension Employer

Zero energy bills homes partnership announced

Octopus and Bellway will develop homes which will be equipped with green energy technology, such as air source heat pumps, home batteries and roof-mounted solar panels

“New oil and gas licences clashes with energy security and net zero”

The Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology has emphasised the need for a rapid transition to domestic clean energy and significant energy efficiency measures to achieve true energy security

King’s Speech: “Change this country for the better”

The Prime Minister describes the speech as his vision for “an improved Britain”

SNP urges cost of living focus ahead of King’s Speech

The SNP is advocating for a £400 energy bill rebate as part of their call to address the cost of living crisis

Call to include energy social tariff in King’s Speech

Plaid Cymru is advocating for the inclusion of an energy social tariff in the UK Government’s policy to address fuel poverty