UK energy sector ‘faces the highest risk of cyber attack’

The industry had a median loss of more than £25,000 in the last year, according to a new report

‘Cybersecurity to be biggest tech in next three years’

Energy companies expect cyber security to be the biggest technology to be adopted in the sector over the next three years, as the industry becomes increasingly digitalised

Cyber attack training scenario hits energy sector

A cyber security training programme has been launched to help the energy sector defend itself against people trying to hack its systems and damage vital infrastructure. The European Network for Cyber Security’s (ENCS) training casts participants as hackers and defenders in a live attack scenario upon an electricity grid, using a simulated company called Gridnet. […]

UK’s critical services ‘skipping cyber guidelines’

Up to 39% of critical infrastructure organisations in the UK, including energy firms, have not completed basic cyber security standards. That’s according to Corero Network Security (CNS), a provider of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) defence solutions, which uncovered this information through 338 Freedom of Information requests. A DDoS attack involves making a machine or […]

‘Digitisation is the key to energy efficiency’

Digital technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart data are the key to energy efficiency. That’s according to Mike Hughes, Zone President for Schneider Electric UK & Ireland, who spoke to ELN at the company’s Innovation Summit yesterday. He explained how these disruptive technologies could vastly improve productivity and reduce costs once […]

Collaboration leads the charge on EV cyber security

A cyber security organisation and an electric vehicle (EV) group have joined together to protect charging infrastructure in the Netherlands. The European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS) & ElaadNL have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop effective security measures and regulation, set out cyber security practices for the industry and develop common standards for EV charging. ENCS […]

Cyber attack hits energy firms in Ukraine and Russia

A cyber attack has targeted Europe’s critical services and systems, affecting energy suppliers and power grids. The ransomware initially targeted Ukraine, hitting major energy firms, government offices, private and state banks, the main airport and the metro system in the capital city of Kiev. State energy provider Ukrenergo said an attack on its IT systems had not affected service but workers […]

Cyber security threat to the energy industry ‘is rising’

The cyber security threat to the energy industry is increasing year-on-year. That’s according to Michael John, Director of the European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS), who told ELN malware such as the Crash Override attack on Ukrainian power grids in December 2016 would only become more frequent with time. The attack, which was the first known use of malware […]

‘Keeping Europe’s energy systems connected is fundamental’

Keeping Europe’s energy systems well connected following Brexit is too fundamental and important to not happen. That’s according to Secretary General of the World Energy Council (WEC), Christoph Frei, who spoke to ELN about what Brexit could mean for the energy sector and whether cyber security risks are something people should be more concerned about. He said: “In a time of rapid […]

UK nuclear sector ‘at risk from cyber attack’

Nuclear infrastructures in the UK are at risk from cyber attack. That’s because there are “serious deficiencies” in the nuclear supply chain due to a lack of awareness between businesses as well as the trend towards digitalisation, according to the think tank Chatham House. Another factor is a limited collaboration with other industries or information […]