Cycling tsar punched in face by biker at zebra crossing

Deputy London mayor for Transport Seb Dance was allegedly punched by a cyclist for confronting them about failing to stop at a pedestrian crossing

What if how hard you worked out powered your gym?

Tune into this week’s Net Hero Podcast to learn about a gym powered by your workout!

Walking, wheeling and cycling helps Edinburgh cut 38k tonnes of emissions

A new report found 66% of residents in Edinburgh walk at least five days a week – more than any other mode of transport and above the national average of 50%

‘Greenfield homes are focused on cars’

Cars are too front-of-mind when building new homes, suggests a new report

Government launches Active Travel England with £5.5m to boost air quality and improve health

Olympic Gold Medallist and Cyclist Chris Boardman has been chosen as the interim Commissioner of the agency

Council’s Climate Change Director ‘to be paid more than the Energy Minister’

Waltham Forest Council has advertised the £109k-a-year job

Tour de France – sustainable cycling a chain reaction?

The Tour de France has implemented sustainable measures for this year’s competition and looks to influence more people to take up cycling

Olympic Champion helps get eco-depot on track

DPD has opened a new ‘net zero’ depot, which it claims makes Oxford its first ‘green city’ – being served entirely by all-electric and zero emission delivery vehicles

Birmingham secures £4.5m to boost active travel

The funding will support new pop-up cycle lanes and walking infrastructure

Government backs research on the link between nature and mental health

Seven centres will test how to support patients using green activities, including walking and cycling and tree planting