Cycling tsar punched in face by biker at zebra crossing

Deputy London mayor for Transport Seb Dance was allegedly punched by a cyclist for confronting them about failing to stop at a pedestrian crossing

A top official responsible for cycling in London was allegedly punched in the face by a cyclist after confronting them for not stopping at a pedestrian crossing in an Amsterdam-style “floating bus stop”.

Seb Dance, Deputy London Mayor for Transport, reportedly experienced the incident while cycling last year.

The floating bus stops feature busy cycle lanes situated between the pavement and a bus stop island and are connected by a zebra crossing.

Reports had previously claimed that cyclists often fail to stop at them or even slow down.

In a video shared with The Telegraph, Mr Dance described stopping at a floating bus stop where someone was waiting to cross, while two other cyclists did not.

After remonstrating with them, Mr Dance was allegedly punched in the face.

He acknowledged that the failure of some cyclists to follow rules was a “big problem” and the incident was reported to the police.

A survey of 397 cyclists by the newspaper found that only 8% of the riders gave way to pedestrians, as required by the Highway Code, while 91.7% did not.

Deputy Mayor for Transport, Seb Dance said: “I’m committed to making London a more inclusive city and regularly talk to Londoners about any road safety and accessibility concerns that they may have.

“It’s important that all road users are considerate of those around them, and the vast majority of cyclists ride responsibly.

“Bus stop bypasses are a nationally recognised approach for avoiding the dangers of cyclists going around buses into oncoming traffic and I will continue to work to make all London as safe as possible for all road users.”

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