Ofgem director steps down after decision on price cap change

Christine Farnish has quit her role as a non-executive director over Ofgem’s decision to change the way it calculates the energy price cap

Tackling climate change part of Labour pledge

Ed Miliband reaffirmed the party’s commitment to climate change in Labour’s manifesto today. Speaking in Manchester, the party leader said Labour would enforce more stringent climate change rules if the party came into power. He said: “The aim will be supported by ambitious domestic carbon reduction targets, including a legal target to remove the carbon from our […]

Labour pledges to force energy price cuts by winter

The Labour Party is to give Ofgem new powers to force energy companies to cut gas and electricity bills. Leader Ed Miliband said he will pass a new law giving the regulator a “legal duty to ensure fair prices this winter” if he wins the general election. Ofgem would have to review prices by this […]

Lord Prescott appointed Labour’s climate change advisor

Labour leader Ed Miliband has appointed former Deputy Prime Minister Lord Prescott to act as his official climate change adviser. Lord Prescott served as the EU’s lead negotiator at the Kyoto talks, which led to the first global agreement on cutting carbon emissions in 1997. He served as deputy leader of the Labour Party for 13 […]

Miliband wants Ofgem powers to force bills down

Labour leader Ed Miliband said he wants Ofgem to get new powers forcing suppliers to lower energy bills when wholesale prices fall. In an interview with the BBC Andrew Marr show on Sunday, the Labour leader said he wanted to “fast-track” laws to give the regulator stronger powers. He said: “We’re going to bring before […]

Miliband: Labour will secure UK’s position as green world leader

Ed Miliband said a future Labour government would secure the UK’s position as a “world leader” in green industries by 2025. In his last conference address before next year’s general election, the Labour Party leader pledged to create a million green jobs as he warned the UK is falling behind other nations as a market […]

New Labour PR chief “ran anti-price freeze ads in US”

The American PR strategist parachuted in to run Labour’s election campaign was behind a TV advert criticising energy price freezes. One of Labour leader Ed Miliband’s key policies for the 2015 General Election is freezing energy bills for two years. David Axelrod, the man who masterminded President Barack Obama’s first election, will have to promote […]

PM: Man-made climate change is “serious threat”

Prime Minister David Cameron was forced to distance himself from climate change deniers in his party by describing “man-made climate change” as “one of the most serious threats” that faces the country. He was prodded into the remarks today by the Labour leader Ed Miliband during Prime Minister’s Questions. The Prime Minister was asked if […]

2013: The Year in Energy

The Big Freeze, Sainsbury’s energy saving efforts and a long-awaited nuclear handshake – ELN’s Chief Reporter Vicky Ellis talks you through the biggest energy stories of 2013.

Guest Blog: Mervyn Bowden – "And the Christmas Energy Awards go to…"

Everyone at this festive time of the year seems to be handing out awards like confetti so I thought I’d add a few personal ones of my own. This has been an intriguing year for energy with much of the press coverage having a negative slant – so a slightly more humorous angle surely won’t […]