Whiskey giant to light up the spirits with Scottish solar power

Brown-Forman has partnered with YLEM Energy to create a 630kW solar array, generating 516,000KWp of clean energy annually at a distillery in Edinburgh

UK Ecotricity boss unveils ‘UK’s first’ electric airline

In early 2024, Ecojet, will begin operating flights to and from Edinburgh using a fleet of conventional planes that have been retrofitted with hydrogen-electric powertrains

UK’s first full-sized driverless buses introduced in Edinburgh

The fleet of five single-decker buses has a capacity to accommodate approximately 10,000 passenger journeys per week

How can energy be stored 760 metres underground in a disused mine?

Scottish firm will investigate the potential of storing energy in one of the decommissioned shafts of a coal mine in Germany

Self-driving buses set to hit Scottish roads next month

Five autonomous single-decker buses will carry passengers on a 14-mile route between Fife and Edinburgh

Walking, wheeling and cycling helps Edinburgh cut 38k tonnes of emissions

A new report found 66% of residents in Edinburgh walk at least five days a week – more than any other mode of transport and above the national average of 50%

Approval of Jackdaw gas field would benefit Shell not public, campaigners say

Activists staged a protest urging the government to ‘stop the expansion of oil and gas production’

‘Scotland’s first’ biomethane HGV refuelling station opens near Glasgow

The filling station is predicted to be able to refuel nearly 450 HGVs a day

Cows ‘could bring clean heat to 750,000 UK homes’

Almost 109 biomethane green gas production sites are currently connected to Britain’s gas grid, new report suggests

Edinburgh sets new ambition to be a Million Tree City by 2030

Edinburgh already outstrips other Scottish cities by having more trees per head of population, with more than 730,000 urban trees compared to around 519,000 residents