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First new turbine powers up at Tummel Bridge Power Station

The first new turbine at Tummel Bridge Power Station in Perthshire has begun generating renewable electricity

The first new turbine at Perthshire’s Tummel Bridge Power Station has commenced generating renewable electricity following its successful installation and energisation.

This development is a key milestone in SSE Renewables’ £50 million investment to enhance the hydro station’s capacity.

The project, which aims to increase the station’s potential output from 34 to 40 megawatts (MW) under optimal conditions, involves replacing the station’s two original 1933-installed turbines with modern runner technology.

The new turbines are expected to extend the power station’s operational life by at least 40 years, improving efficiency and allowing for higher generation output.

The project team is now focusing on the second turbine, currently undergoing dry commissioning tests.

This turbine is anticipated to be operational by mid-summer 2024.

Neil Lannen, Director of Hydro Asset Management at SSE Renewables, said: “This is one of the largest investments we’ve made to our existing hydro fleet in recent times.

Hydropower has a vital role to play in our path to achieving net zero carbon emissions in the UK by 2050 and this investment will ensure Tummel Bridge continues to play a crucial role in Scotland’s energy mix for generations to come.”

Craig Scott, Stantec’s Director of Hydropower and Dams, said: “Successfully rehabilitating such an iconic, listed power station demonstrates a viable future for extending hydro infrastructure life, and is a shining example of how Scotland’s hydropower design industry is at the forefront of the low carbon agenda.”

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