EU agrees 32% renewable energy target for 2030

The agreement also includes plans to review the goal by 2023 on whether it should be increased further

Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions halved since 1990

The government recently set a bold new target to reduce emissions by 90% by 2050

UK’s ‘car addiction costing economy more than £6bn in health costs a year’

The health damage associated with diesel vehicle emissions is shown to be around 20 times more than electric vehicles

Hawaii sets goal to go zero-emissions by 2045

Governor David Ige has signed three bills in an effort to accelerate the reduction of carbon emissions

Circular economy ‘could halve Europe’s industrial emissions by 2050’

New report suggests this could help make it possible to keep global warming below 2°C

MPs and peers call on Parliament to set net zero emission target

They believe a goal set in law is vital for the nation to meet its obligations under the Paris Agreement

EU’s total emissions fell by 0.4% in 2016

The European Environment Agency (EEA) suggests the decrease was largely due to using less coal

Index shows 36 meat and fish companies are ‘environmentally high risk’

These firms, worth a total of $152 billion, include Chinese firm Fujian Sunner and Indian firm Venky’s

Toyota scales up manufacture of hydrogen vehicle components

The automotive giant expects demand to increase 10-fold after 2020

London launches £1m fund to help schools put air pollution in detention

Air quality audits have resulted in a range of bespoke recommendations being drawn up to protect pupils across 50 schools