Energy firms face legal action over brokers’ “secret commissions”

Commissions for brokering business energy contracts with suppliers have allegedly been added to bills without businesses being informed by their providers

bp reduces climate targets after record profits

Following £23bn in profits, it has reduced the carbon emissions targets set for 2030 to invest in more oil and gas

ExxonMobil sues EU over windfall tax

It is calling the levy “counter-productive”

Rishi Sunak urged to ‘end oil and gas giveaway’

The Prime Minister accused of giving tax breaks to oil and gas companies

Scepticism emerges for energy bill freeze

Thousands of people could still face fuel poverty even after the implementation of a freeze on energy bills, according to a report

Rees-Mogg becomes Business Secretary as Kwasi prepares for life in No.11

Jacob Rees Mogg told BEIS staff “we have the most terrific amount of work to do”

Fuel poverty in Shetland to hit 96% of the population

Officials have said people living in the Shetland Islands must earn a salary of £104,000 to avoid fuel poverty

Chancellor urges Britons to cut their energy consumption

Nadhim Zahawi has blamed the Russian invasion of Ukraine for the energy hikes as Boris Johnson expects “very tough” months ahead

Energy price cap to jump to £3,549

This represents an 80% increase for many households on their bills

Price cap: What can we expect from Ofgem this Friday?

A fuel poverty and energy policy researcher told ELN that the UK energy bills could be slipping into “very scary territory”