Fresh call on the government to put an end to standing charge

Almost 81% of energy customers support the idea of scrapping the standing charge on bills, according to a new poll

Campaigners say UK’s fracking firms may be eligible for tax breaks

Fracking firms may be able to claim even more tax relief than offshore oil and gas firms, according to a report

IEA: “Building sustainable energy systems will be riskier without nuclear”

Nearly 63% of current nuclear power capacity is more than 30 years old, according to a report

Is the UK mulling plan to cut pipelines to EU in a gas supply emergency scenario?

National Grid may reportedly cut off pipelines to the Netherlands and Belgium if the UK is hit by extreme shortages

Analysts cast doubt on National Grid’s plan for off-peak energy use

The scheme which aims to pay consumers to use less electricity at peak times will not solve the “big capacity crunch”, according to a report

An army of former soldiers to help Centrica hit net zero

The energy giant has pledged to hire 500 former soldiers, sailors and airforce personnel as engineers

Europe brings forward new gas storage rules ahead of looming winter shortage

Under the new rules, the EU states will ensure their gas storage facilities are filled before winter

Government slammed over ‘failure to ask EDF to keep Hinkley Point B open’

The Energy Minister has admitted that his department did not ask EDF to extend the operating life of the plant

Energy debt in Wales ‘higher than in any other part of the UK’

The number of people in energy arrears is more than double that in Scotland, according to a report

The cost of energy is a “top business concern”

Nine-in-ten businesses ‘expect energy costs to rise in the 12 months’, according to a survey