A hydrogen-powered V8 engine?

Could petrol heads have a carbon-neutral future?

More than 8,500 roles at Rolls-Royce to be scrapped by the end of the year

The British giant said its business restructuring programme delivers cost savings more quickly than previously anticipated

Constellation taps SaaS technology platform Enpaas to manage its UK generation portfolio

Enpaas, a cutting-edge Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud technology platform announced a new partnership with Constellation, who are one of the largest utilities in North America.

UK eyes cleaner skies and flights with ‘world’s largest’ aerospace engine

Rolls-Royce has started building a demonstrator engine with technology to improve efficiency and make aviation more sustainable

World’s first Museum of Fossil Fuels opens in Sweden

Visitors will be able to smell the scents particular to fossil fuels, listen to the sounds of engines and experience a replica of a petrol station

New water-cooled car engines to cut fuel usage

Water cooled car engines that could reduce fuel use by up to 13% have been developed. Modern fuel engines waste roughly a fifth of their fuel by using some for cooling instead of propulsion. Bosch claims its new ‘WaterBoost’ technology replaces this wasted fuel with water. Most cars inject extra petrol or diesel into the […]

Diesels splutter as new petrol engine emerges

Nissan’s new petrol engine could make advanced diesel engines obsolete. The new engine – called a Variable Compression-Turbo (VC-T), has 27% better fuel economy than previous models but provides comparable power and torque. It’s also cheaper than today’s advanced turbo-charged diesel engines and should meet emissions rules in most countries without requiring costly treatment systems. “We […]

GE research fuel efficiency using mega computer

GE Global Research will work alongside an American research centre to work on improving fuel efficiency using supercomputing. Working with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), the programme aims to accelerate the development of next-generation fuel injectors for GE’s engine fleet. During the testing period, GE will have six months of access to the Sierra […]