Constellation taps SaaS technology platform Enpaas to manage its UK generation portfolio

Enpaas, a cutting-edge Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud technology platform announced a new partnership with Constellation, who are one of the largest utilities in North America.

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The deal covers managed services for Constellation’s UK generation portfolio.

Enpaas is the technology arm of Pozitive Group which has powered Pozitive Energy’s growth in the non-domestic segment. The Enpaas technology platform is now being made available to other market players under a SaaS or managed service model for delivering an enhanced end-user experience while ensuring robust process delivery.

Enpaas offers a suite of end-to-end, modular, web applications for today’s energy suppliers, traders, meter operators, and third-party intermediaries (TPIs). What makes the platform unique is its advanced true SaaS cloud technology which was built from the experience and knowledge of the energy experts at Pozitive and is the only one of its kind in the industry. Also managed services offered by Enpaas takes all the operational risk and pain away from its customers so that they could focus on their core business.

Enpass has a high-performance processing engine that offers security, scalability, business continuity and automation delivered at a highly competitive cost. It’s proven and the right choice according to Constellation’s Head of European Business Vivek Chamria.

“We’re excited to partner with Enpaas. We know it’s the most advanced technology available. Our transition to Enpaas’ managed services team has been smooth and has improved processes, efficiency, and significantly lowered our overall costs for managing meters and data flows with the industry,” says Vivek Chamria.

Constellation in US supplies approximately 2 million residential, public sector and business customers, including two-thirds of Fortune 100 companies and it also manages power generation capacity of more than 31 GW. Constellation plans to grow their UK operations taking advantage of Enpaas’ managed services and cutting-edge technology.

SaaS delivery and cloud infrastructure delivers advantages over older on-premise software. It’s the preferred technology in every industry and a first in power markets that have been slow to catch up. SaaS cloud delivers a more scalable, automated infrastructure that’s quick to deploy, and requires no hardware, software, resources, or capital expenditure budgets.

According to John Furness, ex-MD Utiligroup and current sales director for Enpaas, “As energy markets rapidly evolve customers are demanding simpler, secure, automated cloud-based tools to manage their business needs efficiently while being able to scale at minimal additional costs. With our cloud-based solution toolkits and end-to-end managed services, we aim to serve customers across the energy value chain through an enhanced user experience.”

The energy industry has been left behind in the digital revolution with the entire ecosystem relying on archaic systems that are fundamentally not designed with the customer in mind. Enpaas’ focus has been to change that status quo and to rethink customer experience while keeping latest technology at the heart of all systems.

About Enpaas

Enpaas (Energy Platform as a Service) provides state of the art technology platform that has helped customers like Pozitive Energy to become more operationally efficient, reduce their costs and offer an enhanced customer experience. Pozitive Energy is one of the fastest growing energy suppliers who has partnered with leading UK businesses to supply low-cost, transparent, and 100% green tariffs on power supply.

Enpaas is transforming the way energy companies and their customers manage their business through digital, seamless offerings that speed up and automate processes, to provide cost efficiency through technology, managed services, and a client-focused experience.

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