Energy leaders unite to advance equality and inclusivity

Ofgem, Energy UK and the Energy Networks Association have committed to boosting equality, diversity and inclusion efforts

Diversity taskforce launches

New body aims to attract more diverse workforce to the energy sector

Scotland announces £300k to help women fight climate change

The funding will provide women from developing countries with a voice in the climate conversation

COP26: UK commits £165m to fight gender inequality in the climate crisis

A new study has found women to be those most affected by climate change worldwide

Taiwan has the most women working in offshore wind – but the figure is still very low

A new report looked into the representation of women within the renewable sector and found Taiwan to be leading the pack

Fresh £1m funding to boost equality and diversity in the energy research community

Teams must have experience of researching energy as part of engineering or the physical, geological, biological and social sciences as well as equality, diversity and inclusion in an applied context

‘Brits are largely unaware climate change disproportionately impacts black and brown people’

Christian Aid notes despite evidence that people in Africa, Asia, Latin America and small island states are already suffering from the worst effects of anthropogenic climate change, only a third of people in the UK realise this is happening

Blog: Is equality Lost in Translation at UK-Chinese press conference?

The perils of bi-lingual press briefings were never more apparent than in yesterday’s shindig with the Prime Minister and his Chinese counterpart, Premier Li Keqiang. In a grandiose, gilded chamber at the Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs HQ in Whitehall, politicians and hacks gathered to hear what the two men had spent the day chatting about. […]