‘UK’s inefficient homes face £700 extra energy costs as gas prices soar’

New analysis uncovers that homes rated Energy Performance Certificate band F might incur bills £685 higher than EPC band C homes under the new price cap

Call for government support in phasing out gas cookers

Campaigners have urged the government to provide support and incentives for households to transition away from gas cookers

EDF reports strong sales growth driven by higher electricity and gas prices

The company’s nuclear output in the UK fell by 2.4TWh in the first quarter of the year compared to the same period in 2022

No pressure on villagers! Hydrogen village energy trial opt-in only

British Gas and Cadent have abandoned plans to force nearly 2,000 homes in a village in Cheshire to switch to hydrogen for their heating and cooking needs

EU agrees to keep cutting gas usage – but could it mean shortages?

The EU member states maintain the option to trigger mandatory reductions if there are concerns over the security of supply

EU gas consumption down by 19%

The largest decrease in natural gas consumption was seen in Finland, Lithuania and Sweden, new report suggests

German gas consumption down nearly 15%

Renewables have met around 47% of Germany’s electricity consumption in 2022, according to a report

‘European gas shortages to keep wholesale prices high this winter and next’

Sky-high winter gas prices are forecast to retain their record levels this decade, according to a new report

‘UK’s first’ U16 gas smart meter installed

Until now, customers with larger gas supplies of 16 cubic metres per hour have not been able to switch to smart meters

UK urged to introduce “Covid-style” measures to avoid winter gas shortages

A charity has called for the government to set a target to reduce household energy demand by 20%