Underground hydrogen storage project boosted with £300k

The UK could see the first of a kind scheme that stores green hydrogen in underground shafts

Underground hydrogen storage could be a matter of gravity!

An Edinburgh-based firm claims its gravity energy system could store large amounts of hydrogen

Gravity energy storage project lifts off in Edinburgh

The £1m demonstrator project will use underground shafts and massive weights to store energy

Fabrication begins on Gravitricity’s £1 million trial energy storage demonstrator

Winch specialist Huisman has now begun creating the gravity-based equipment, which will be trialled early next year in Edinburgh, Scotland

Gravitricity to launch trial energy storage project in Scotland

The pilot project aims to demonstrate the firm’s technology, which works by using excess electricity to lift 12,000 tonnes of weights in a deep shaft and releasing them at a later time to generate energy

South Africa’s mine shafts could become ‘energy reserves’ to tackle shortage

Innovate UK funding of £300K aims to allow start-up Gravitricity to take pressure off grids and ensure a continuous supply of power

Towering city skyscrapers ‘could become gravity-batteries of the future’

Edinburgh start-up Gravitricity says tall buildings could be used to store energy at half the levelised cost of lithium-ion batteries

Energy storage mines new ground with kinetic battery

A company developing gravity-based methods of storing energy in disused mine shafts has secured £650,000 from Innovate UK. Edinburgh-based Gravitricity’s technology uses excess power to lift and suspend a massive weight of up to 2,000 tonnes, using a series of cables and winches. When energy is needed, the weight can be released in less than a […]