Underground hydrogen storage could be a matter of gravity!

An Edinburgh-based firm claims its gravity energy system could store large amounts of hydrogen

Big Zero Report 2022

What if hydrogen storage obeyed the laws of gravity?

Scottish firm Gravitricity has unveiled plans to add hydrogen and heat storage to their gravity energy installations.

The firm has developed a system that harnesses the power of gravity – using excess electricity to raise large weights in a shaft that can be released, converting the lifting devices into generators.

The company’s plan will see a shaft sealed to store large quantities of hydrogen or biomethane.

To date, Gravitricity operates a 250kW demonstrator plant in Edinburgh.

Martin Wright, Gravitricity’s Founder, said: “The future hydrogen economy will need to find economic and safe ways to store hydrogen where it’s needed.

“At present, our domestic gas network has vast amounts of storage built-in under the North Sea.

“The gas grid of the future will be powered by intermittent renewables and that means we need to find ways to store green hydrogen when energy is plentiful, close to where it’s required.”

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