Local councils invited to bid for £7m pot to improve air quality

The Air Quality Grant will help councils develop and implement measures that benefit schools, communities and businesses and reduce the impact of air pollution on people’s health

Hospital trust hit by £1.4m deficit due to soaring energy costs

North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust has said the deficit is the result of “inflationary pressures” relating to energy costs

Government does not plan to tell Britons to eat less meat

The Environment Secretary has said it is “depressing” when the debate about meat consumption is simplified to whether it is good or bad

NHS criticised for wasting £150m on ‘overpriced’ electricity

Analysis has found that NHS could be saving an additional £68 million in 2019-20 for lower-priced gas

NHS Wales’ decarbonisation gets £2.4m jab

NHS Wales is targetting the cleanup of the carbon footprint of inhalers

Government criticised for signing ‘PPE recycling’ contracts

Veolia and Suez have reportedly been awarded contracts that will allow them to ‘incinerate’ unused PPE at their sites

Government consults on measures to help local authorities tackle air pollution

They include helping local authorities to boost engagement with communities and designating National Highways as a relevant public authority

Recycled plastic bottles leach chemicals into drinks!

The lead author of a new study told ELN recycled bottles could ‘contaminate’ drinks with more chemicals than new bottles

‘NHS not on track to hit net zero targets’

Without urgent action, the health service will not achieve net zero by 2040 – a new report claims

Exposure to leaded petrol ‘lowered half of Americans’ IQ points’

Lead exposure has been linked to lower IQ and greater emotional and behavioral problems