Ofgem offers £450m for greener ways to heat and power homes and businesses

Network companies, system operators, businesses and researchers can bid for the funding to help the UK accelerate its transition to an emissions-free energy system

Network operators commit to cut red tape for EVs and heat pumps

They have launched new reforms that will reduce paperwork to connect new installations to the grid

UK power network operators join forces for ‘£40m customer savings’

They aim to keep more renewable energy flowing onto local networks

Power network operators unveil £17bn smart grid plan

Householders and businesses in the UK could sell their own energy within a local power network under new smart grid plans unveiled today. Electricity network operators across England, Scotland and Wales have committed to deliver £17 billion of benefits by 2050 as a result of the overhaul of the networks. They have announced a joint […]

Profits of power network operators ‘add £10bn to bills’

Electricity network operators have been accused of making “huge” profits over the last six years that have added £10 billion to consumers’ energy bills. That’s according to new analysis by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU), which found the six firms that own and operate the network of towers and cables bringing power to […]

Ofgem signals tougher price controls for energy networks

Ofgem has warned energy network operators to brace themselves for a tougher round of price controls from 2021. The regulator believes there is “strong evidence” that investors are “increasingly willing” to accept lower returns from longer term investments in regulated infrastructure. Price controls are needed as these networks are monopolies and therefore there is no […]

Local grid operators ‘must be more flexible to meet demand’

Local electricity network operators must be more flexible when responding to requests for connections. That’s according to Ofgem, which states the amount of new generation – such as solar – seeking connections to electricity distribution networks has grown “significantly” in recent years. Around 26% of total generation capacity was made up of smaller generators linked […]

Is there enough competition for power hook-ups?

“Continued concerns” have prompted regulator Ofgem to look at whether there is enough competition between companies which connect homes and businesses to the electricity distribution network. Ofgem has found evidence there may be better competition in some parts of the country than others and said it will carry out a review of the market in […]

Blog: Gale force MPs knock network bosses off their comfy perch

They operate out of sight, out of mind. They don’t contact us, we don’t contact them. We don’t know who they are, or what they do – that is, until fair weather turns foul. Who are these shadowy mystery men and women? The power network firms of course! Affectionately known as the DNOs – distribution […]

Ofgem disagrees with npower energy bill prediction

The energy watchdog hotly disputed npower’s claim today that energy bills could go up hundreds of pounds because of a rise in network charges. The supplier’s research found annual household energy bills could jump to £1330 by 2020 if people don’t take action to save energy. It puts this down to rises in policy and […]