Octopus boss urges rapid clean energy push

Greg Jackson has called for collaboration to speed up clean energy, lower costs, boost energy security and attract investors to the UK

Octopus’ offshore wind tentacles reach Norway, Sweden and South Korea

As part of its ambitious plan to generate 10GW of offshore wind energy by 2032, Octopus Energy has invested in developer Deep Wind Offshore

Octopus: Retail risk surge amid wholesale market instability

Energy suppliers have highlighted the critical need for policy certainty and increased ambition in energy efficiency investment in the UK

Octopus export rate boost: Earn £150 more annually

Octopus Energy has increased the rate for its Smart Export Guarantee customers from 4.1p/kWh to 15p/kWh

MPs set to grill energy suppliers over looming winter energy crisis

Executives of Centrica, EDF and E.ON will face questions about energy bill challenges and their commitment to customers

Octopus Australia secures AUD$250m boost

Octopus Australia has received an investment from Rest, a major superannuation fund, as part of its successful second fundraising round for the Octopus Australia Sustainable Investments Fund

Octopus acquires Shell Energy

Shell has announced it will sell its UK and Germany home energy businesses, to Octopus Energy Group

Who pays? Octopus boss reveals challenge for social tariffs

Octopus Energy’s Chief Executive Officer has underscored the urgent need to find viable ways of aiding vulnerable customers this winter

Octopus’ new scheme: Paid to use electricity

During the initial launch of the scheme, nearly 16,000 customers were granted energy credits, with a subset receiving free electricity amounting to as much as £17

Energy consultants challenge Octopus’ survey findings

The Energy Consultants Association has highlighted alleged “inaccuracies” in Octopus recent report and has questioned the survey’s methodology