Bird’s-eye view: Aircraft gather bird data in offshore Scottish wind farms

Joint aerial surveys by ScotWind developers, using multiple aircraft, gather bird data in North Sea offshore wind farm zones, documenting over 75,000 bird behaviours

Residents near offshore wind farms enjoy 50% off energy bills

Octopus Energy has introduced a new offshore wind tariff, offering discounts of up to 50% on electricity bills to customers near offshore wind farms

Subsea cable failures pose global threat to offshore wind

The escalation in insurance expenses arising from cable failures is generating concerns, as these failures account for approximately 85% of insurance claims related to offshore wind projects, according to a report

SSE Renewables goes global with French wind farm

SSE Renewables has commenced construction on the Chaintrix onshore wind farm in northeast France, marking its first project outside the UK and Ireland

Birds vs wind turbines: Who’s winning?

Utilising AI technology, a new project at the Aberdeen Bay Offshore Wind Farm aims to track the flight behaviour of seabirds, shedding light on bird interactions with offshore wind turbines

UK offshore energy boom: Jobs set to surge 50% by 2030

A new study predicts a potential increase in the UK’s offshore energy workforce to 225,000 jobs by the end of the decade, up from the current 150,000

Fury as flagship floating windfarm project flops in UK auction

Concerns arise in Wales as the flagship offshore wind project, Erebus, fails to secure contracts in the UK government’s renewable energy auction

Blown away! UK offshore wind misses contracts

The UK offshore wind industry faces disappointment as no new contracts are awarded in the latest round of Contracts for Difference

Octopus’ offshore wind tentacles reach Norway, Sweden and South Korea

As part of its ambitious plan to generate 10GW of offshore wind energy by 2032, Octopus Energy has invested in developer Deep Wind Offshore

Is UK’s green energy auction on the brink?

Industry insiders are expressing concerns that tomorrow’s announcement may reveal a lack of significant bids in the forthcoming Contracts for Difference auction results