World’s coal emissions ‘must peak in 2020 to keep climate change in check’

A new report warns the polluting fossil fuel must be cut from global electricity generation entirely by 2040

Emissions from China’s urban passenger transport ‘could peak as soon as 2020’

New research from the Beijing Institute of Technology suggests this could only happen so soon if the mode share of public transport could be further increased

‘Time of Use’ tariff customers ‘not actually saving money’

Citizens Advice warns lessons learned must be taken into account before such tariffs become more widespread

Mexico moves towards opening up to foreign oil companies

Senators in Mexico are edging closer to a deal to open the county’s doors to foreign oil companies, according to reports. The bill would allow foreign firms to partner with the state owned oil company Pemex. It’s hoped the change will boost oil production in the country, which is down 25% since it peaked in […]

UK smart meter market set to be worth £1bn by 2015

The UK smart meter market is expected to exceed £1 billion a year in 2015, thanks to recent EU and UK laws which require the devices to be installed in most homes by 2019. A new report from IMS Research claims consumers will also feel the benefits through cheaper bills and more flexible tariffs, despite […]