Carbon savings: Plane sailing or failure to take off?

Making airport ground movements more efficient and introducing more biofuels to the aviation sector could help slash fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. That’s the verdict from a study by Ricardo Energy & Environment for the UK Government, which assesses the cost and impact of a number of potential clean measures for the air travel […]

Wood-fuelled plane logs its first journey

The first commercial flight powered by a wood-waste biofuel took place this week. An Alaska Airlines jet flew from Seattle to Washington, powered by a 20% jet fuel blend made from fallen branches in a sustainable forestry area. The five-year, $40 million (£32.09m) research project was supported by the US Department of Agriculture and led by Washington State University and the Northwest Advanced […]

Low carbon jet fuel nears take-off

A company has produced jet fuel for Virgin Atlantic by fermenting waste gas from steel mills. Called ‘Lanzanol’, the commercially viable low carbon fuel has passed all initial performance tests and is expected to result in carbon savings of 65% compared to conventional jet fuel. The low carbon fuel was developed in collaboration with the Pacific Northwest […]

Aviation emissions must lose altitude by 2020

The aviation industry has outlined a new set of goals to reduce emissions in the future. The aviation industry aims to increase fuel efficiency across the fleet by 1.5% a year until 2020, to stabilise CO2 emissions at 2020 levels and cut CO2 emissions to half of 2005 levels by 2050. These goals will be addressed through technological, […]

Boeing to be part of Mexican biofuel research initiative

Aerospace giant Boeing has announced it will join a biofuel research alliance in Mexico. The firm will work with company Aeromexico and 17 other institutions in a programme to boost research and development of biofuel in the country. The research will be focused on biomass sourcing, fuel production, sustainability and lifecycle assessment and aviation biofuel market development. The […]

High-flying execs pressure United Airlines for green commitments

You might thing high-flying executives are more likely to demand a martini in first class – but a group of American execs are calling on their airline to be good to the environment. North American airlines have historically been stubborn in the face of environmental regulation both from federal government and abroad. The EU’s move to bring […]

Planes powered by body heat?

The aviation industry is only just getting its head around biofuel but there could be a truly mind-blowing power source around the corner: planes powered by body heat. That’s the incredible invention put forward by students in a competition run by Airbus, the French aircraft manufacturer, looking for revolutionary ideas to make the industry low […]

Wind farm sparks air traffic radar fears

Scottish & Southern Energy Renewables is said to be working with air traffic control organisation NATS over plans for Europe’s biggest wind farm. The £500m project will be built at Abington, South Lanarkshire, and has got government approval already, with the first commissioning due next year. The152-turbine wind farm would generate 548MW, enough to power […]