Brits’ top concern with smart meters unveiled

Data privacy concerns rank as the primary worry among Brits when it comes to smart meters, according to a new survey

Smart meter mania sweeps UK: Record high installations

The UK experienced a record-breaking month for electricity smart meter installations in August, according to a report

Smart meter stress: One-third of users locked in daily checks

A fifth of users who hold unfavourable views about their smart meters acknowledge that it heightens their anxiety regarding energy usage, according to a new survey

Ofgem requests information on RTS meter replacement plans

The energy regulator has requested information from energy suppliers on their plans to replace Radio Teleswitch meters as part of the ongoing transition to smart meters

UK smart meter installations dip by 7%

Nearly 834,500 meters have been installed by large energy suppliers in the second quarter

UK’s lack of flexibility equals demand for four gas power stations

A new report champions the power of smart meters and flexible energy usage, projecting potential savings of £14.1 billion in 2040 for consumers

“Billion-pound energy savings through off-peak electricity use”

Time-of-use tariffs, smart meters, solar panels and batteries could help households save up to 52% on energy bills by 2040, according to a new report

Smart meter uproar: MPs rally against rollout

Senior Tories want the government to stop the smart meter rollout, fearing it could lead to higher charges and controlled energy usage

UK hits 21m electricity smart meter installations milestone

The 21-millionth smart meter was installed in July, five months after the rollout had achieved 20 million installations since 2012

Smart meters switched to expensive tariffs

Nearly 350,000 smart meters were remotely switched to higher-priced tariffs between 2017 and 2023, according to a report