Last nuclear fuel leaves Wylfa power station

The Wylfa Site on Anglesey operated from 1972 until 2015 and generated 232TWh of electricity

World’s first nuclear waste storage facility in Finland moves forward

Developer Posiva plans to store spent nuclear fuel at a depth of around 400 to 450 metres in the Onkalo bedrock on Olkiluoto island

Russian nuclear waste enters cleanup process

The first shipment of spent nuclear fuel has left Russia’s Andreeva Bay on its journey to being reprocessed. Under an international initiative financed by the Nuclear Window of the Northern Dimension Environmental Partnership (NDEP), more than 22,000 spent nuclear fuel assemblies currently stored in the area will be removed from the site. The Nuclear Window […]

EU pledges €20m for Chernobyl nuclear safety

The European Commission has pledged to contribute around €20 million (£15.5m) for nuclear safety at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. It will be added to the Nuclear Safety Account fund as part of the €45 million (£34.9m) expected from G7 nations and the Commission in addition to existing support. The fund, set up in 1993 […]

£1.5m awarded for nuclear waste disposal research

Funding worth £1.5 million has been awarded for research into the disposal of nuclear waste. The University of Sheffield will investigate the durability of spent nuclear fuel. Dr Claire Corkhill will build a model and chemistry of the radioactive waste material and assess its long term stability under simulated geological disposal conditions. Over 60 years […]