Switching historic gas street lights to LEDs in Westminster triggers fury

Westminster City Council plans to electrify 299 gas lights across the city by 2023

New £9.8m scheme switches Suffolk’s street lights to green LEDs

Almost 43,000 LED street lights will reduce the city’s carbon emissions by 80% and save £90k on its energy bills

Edinburgh to light up streets with LEDs

The project is expected to help the city save around £54m over 20 years

New scheme aims to make Brazilian cities more energy efficient

It is expected to create new markets in the areas of efficient street lighting and industrial energy efficiency

New London street lights could slash 40% of energy use

London’s street lamps could use 40% less energy by 2016 as new plans are afoot to replace them with energy saving, light emitting diode (LED) lights. In three years’ time Transport for London hopes to save £1.85million a year with the scheme. The lighting system will also become centrally controlled.  In the process this should slash CO2 […]

Scotland turns streetlights on to LEDs?

Scotland is considering switching most of its street lighting to more energy efficient LEDs. The Scottish Government believes such a project would be a perfect use for cash lent by the Green Investment Bank, the UK’s new lending body for green projects. The plan is one of a number of energy efficiency programmes being looked […]

LEDs could save 85% energy

Street lights using LED can save as much as 85% energy compared to conventional lighting, according to new research. The study also claims LEDs could save 670 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions every year. The report ‘Lighting the Clean Revolution: The Rise of LED Street Lighting and What it Means for Cities’ was launched […]