Tyre particles ‘are a major source of pollution in the UK’s rivers and oceans’

That’s the conclusion reached in a new report from the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs and the University of Plymouth, which suggests tyres are a previously largely unrecorded source of microplastics in the marine environment

EU speeds up new tyre labelling to slash car emissions

The labels will include information on fuel efficiency and wet grip, on a scale from ‘A’ to ‘G’, similar to the energy labelling used for household appliances

EU agrees new labels for tyres to boost fuel savings and cut emissions

Tyres contribute to as much as 20% to 30% of a vehicle’s fuel consumption

New tech promises emissions-cutting bio-oil from old tyres

A new technology that makes oil from old tyres offers a green option without sacrificing performance. In addition to reusing end-of-life tyres rather than sending them to landfill, Green Distillation Technologies’ (GDT) oil also results in around 30% less Nitrogen Oxide being released than traditional fuels. It was tested by engineers at the Queensland University of Technology, who said it could offer new opportunities […]

Old tyres could get back on the road as biofuel

Recycled tyres can be converted into oil and used as a source of biofuel. According to Tim Rose, Managing Director of Southern Oil, old tyres are a preferable source of bio-oil feedstock compared to traditional biofuels from plants. He adds that is because they are in plentiful supply all year round, can be refined very […]

Efficient tyres could cut fuel costs by £500m

UK firms could cut fuel costs by up to £500 million every year by using more fuel-efficient tyres on company vehicles. With new EU legislation compelling tyre manufacturers to label their car and light commercial tyres, the Energy Saving Trust (EST) is urging businesses to select “best-in-class tyres” for their vehicles. The new law, which […]

Save £270 by driving ‘smart’

British motorists can save around £270 each or 20p of every litre of fuel by simply driving “smart”. That’s according to a new research by the Energy Saving Trust (EST), which claims drivers lose £7 billion in wasted fuel every year. The fuel saved would be equivalent to filling 12,000 Olympic swimming pools. The Trust […]

Waste crime jailbirds on the rise

The number of people jailed for committing serious waste crimes has nearly trebled in the last three years. But organised gangs continue to dump waste in towns and cities and using areas around motorways to run large-scale illegal waste operations. That’s according to the Environment Agency’s first ever Annual Waste Crime Report, which also reveals 335 […]