The impact on energy prices and security of supply as we transition to a lower carbon economy

In this week’s European energy market podcast we look at the impact of renewables on security of supply, the dependence of fossil fuels remaining due to this, and the impact on energy prices due to both as we transition to a lower carbon economy.

The Big Zero report

In this episode of the Resonance, you will learn:

  1. Gas storage – Following maintenance, we look at the differences between levels in EU countries and if capacities are a bullish or bearish indicator?
  2. Renewables – while low wind output is offset by solar to an extent, are floods in the EU impacting supply? We look at the risks to and impact on renewables for security of supplies when there are weather disturbances – such as photovoltaic panels covered by snow, and the effect of fires in California
  3. Coal – if wind doesn’t blow, coal goes online! Current coal demand, storage, supported prices and phase out in Europe. Russian supply came back following interruption. Chinese demand and high gas prices are pushing coal process high.

For the details of the discussion, listen to the podcast episode.

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