Commodity markets – waiting for a reality check?

Prices remain high while market fundamentals suggest they should be otherwise. Why is that and what is keeping some energy prices inflated?

A Question of Balance

Why balancing the grid has been getting more expensive

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Government gives green light to those eligible to save money and set course for net zero.

Energy and Sustainability Matters in Westminster – What Happens Now?

Jeremy Nicholson, Corporate Affairs Officer at Alfa Energy discusses current energy and sustainability matters in politics with Simon James, Managing Director of EnergyComms.

Government, Energy, and Sustainability – What Happens Now?

With news headlines still dominated by the coronavirus crisis, energy users could be forgiven for thinking energy is off the government’s radar screen at the moment.

Is the market gaslighting end users?

While carbon remains a feature of structural issues in the market, with a myriad of issues gas returns to support bullish sentiment.

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The surprising strength of carbon prices and their impact on the power market

Higher and higher – the continuing effects of carbon’s rise

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All that glitters is not gold

The carbon consternation in energy prices

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Carbon emissions are dropping fast – but for all the wrong reasons.