Lara Harkins

Meet the energy expert, Lara Harkins

More than two-thirds of corporate business leaders say they’re more environmentally focussed following COVID-19 outbreak

Over two thirds of Britain’s corporate business leaders say they are now more environmentally conscious in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, according to new research.

Rob Morgan

Meet the energy expert, Rob Morgan

David Lemon

Meet the energy expert, David Lemon

Dr Tony West

Meet the energy expert, Dr. Tony West

Phil Biddle

Meet the energy expert, Phil Biddle

Time to tighten the taps on water retailers

Since the business water retail market was deregulated in April 2017 many water consumers are still struggling to receive accurate invoices.

Why your business should consider generating its own renewable electricity

With the UK committed to combating the climate crisis over the long term, now is the time for businesses to consider investing in renewable energy to help support the transition to a more sustainable future.

CSR is a thing of the past: Why more businesses need to invest in ESG

Right now, businesses are under more scrutiny than ever. Processes, suppliers, materials, and policies often have more of an impact on consumer actions than a finished product, and that’s not a bad thing.

How important is energy management?

The key stages to managing your energy and why it should be a priority.