How to make the business case for an electric vehicle fleet

As a corporate fleet manager, a procurement officer or an energy manager, you may be strongly convinced that electric vehicles (EVs) are part of your future transport mix. Or perhaps you’re just EV-curious.

The impact on energy prices and security of supply as we transition to a lower carbon economy

In this week’s European energy market podcast we look at the impact of renewables on security of supply, the dependence of fossil fuels remaining due to this, and the impact on energy prices due to both as we transition to a lower carbon economy.

How Telematics Can Help Improve Your Fleet’s Sustainability

The concept of sustainability has long been relevant to the fleet industry, but the topic has really hit its stride in recent years.

Gas outlook to brighten in August while electricity prices remain acute

Gas supply challenges look more settled as we approach August, but the challenges faced by renewable power generation and the need to offset fluctuations with on-demand supplies put an upward pressure on electricity supply costs

Is too much choice slowing the electrification revolution?

We all think we want more choice. But is the paradox of choice stopping fleet managers from making the switch to electric vehicles (EVs)?

Discover the History of Environmental Economics With This Complete Timeline

As the world makes a conscious effort towards a more sustainable way of living, understanding how environmental economics impacts our society becomes more important.

Eliminate excess energy spend in your electrified fleet

Electrifying your fleet is full of benefits for your company and they don’t need to stop once you’ve swapped internal combustion engines (ICE) for electric vehicles (EVs).

Constellation taps SaaS technology platform Enpaas to manage its UK generation portfolio

Enpaas, a cutting-edge Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud technology platform announced a new partnership with Constellation, who are one of the largest utilities in North America.

Latest Jobs – Energy and Carbon Manager Opportunity – Brownlow Utilities

As a growing, award-winning energy consultancy, we are looking for a strong candidate to support our client’s carbon agenda and UK business’ drive towards Net Zero.

Significant moves in energy prices

As prices make a significant hike, Jason Durden Head of Energy Markets and Risk Management at Alfa explains why and what to expect, particularly since supplies are seemingly comfortable.