Energy Live News Interviews Birlasoft

Birlasoft and Energy Live News have produced a series of blogs and articles focused on using cutting edge technological solutions to overcome key challenges in the Energy and Utility industries.

KGAL launches its first Impact Fund building on its long-standing renewable legacy

Carsten Haubner, Portfolio Manager of KGAL ESPF 5 explains how the new fund, focused on European greenfield renewable energy assets, will contribute to the EU Green Deal.

With NordStream 2 ready to deliver gas to Europe, what is the hold up?

In this week’s European energy market podcast Jeremy Nicholson talks to Alfa’s Dr Petra Puskarova about the extraordinary developments across the continent.

Drax’s 2021 guide to Third Party Costs

Drax are pleased to bring you the latest edition of their bi-annual guide to Third Party Costs (TPCs). Also called non-energy or non-commodity costs, TPCs account for around 60% of commercial energy bills.

Energy CEOs describe the new technologies and mindsets critical to meet net zero

CEOs from three of the UKs leading energy companies shared their views in a frank discussion at the Energy Networks Innovation Conference (ENIC21) on Friday 15 October.

Improving the customer journey for energy and utility customers

Energy companies in the past have not wanted a true two-way relationship with their customers, either down to not having the staff bandwidth to respond to a Customer in a personalised and positive way or just through the sheer volume of calls that need to be acted upon.

Liberty Charge seeks to address on street charging deficit with fully-funded solution

Liberty Charge has chosen the public sector and local government event, Solace Summit, to launch as a Charge Point Operator (CPO), committed to tackling the chronic under-supply of easily accessible on-street charging in the UK.

Energy CEOs Discuss COP26 and the Big Changes Ahead for the UK’s Networks

CEO’s from three of the UK’s leading energy companies will be having frank discussions about what COP26 means for the future of the energy networks. You can watch the panel debate free and table questions at the Energy Networks Innovation Conference (ENIC21) on Friday 15 October.

Fund biopolymer research, not fracking to end climate change

For the first time in history, the Plastic Waste Makers Index reports that 55% of the world’s plastic waste is produced by only 20 companies globally.

Are government moves to support business energy users enough?

In this week’s UK energy market podcast Jeremy Nicholson discusses the government’s planned action to support energy users in the UK with Jason Durden, Head of Energy Markets and Risk Management.