Which are the ‘least eco-friendly’ councils across the UK?

Four councils lack any eco-friendly schemes, new study finds

Big Zero Report 2022

Are there inequalities among UK councils regarding the rollout of renewable energy and green schemes?

New research by energy provider GEUK looked at local authorities which are adapting on-site renewable energy installations, eco-friendly schemes for their staff and the use of green energy tariffs.

Based on a Freedom of Information request sent to a total of 181 councils, of which 145 responded, the study found four councils, Tamworth Borough Council, Copeland Borough Council, Ryedale District Council and Hart District Council do not have renewables on their facilities or other green initiatives.

The report also suggests nearly 51% of the total have renewable energy installations at one or more council buildings, offer environmentally-friendly initiatives to staff members and are all on green tariffs with their suppliers.

In total across the study, 79% of council buildings are reportedly powered by renewable energy systems.

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