Water experts Water Plus scoops 3 awards, including highest level of Green World Award for work with organisations around their water use and water efficiency in the UK

Water retailer Water Plus has received a second Gold for water management in the space of just six months, along with two other national awards in 2023, for its work in its industry and for its water experts

It was a Global Gold Award winner for Water Management in the prestigious Green World Awards 2023, after entering the awards for the first time. It follows the largest water retailer in the UK winning Gold for water management in the Green Apple Environment Awards in November 2022.

They were amongst just 30 organisations from the UK that were recognised this year, with winners from a range of business sectors and the public sector covering areas including carbon reduction, waste management, sustainability, conservation and biodiversity. There were more than 500 nominations for the 2023 awards.

Water Plus also won two awards at The Forum Awards 2023, which recognises excellence in customer operations and shares best practice. It included an award for its customer service excellence programme, which sees its teams gaining National Qualification in customer service – and an Innovation and Transformation Award, for enhancing customer and colleague experience.

More than 140 people in its customer teams now have the National Qualification in Customer Service, with others very near to accomplishing it in 2023.

Water Plus was also recently shortlisted in the Water Industry Awards 2023 for Water Retailer of the Year, Water Efficiency Project of the Year and Customer Initiative of the Year, the only water retailer to be shortlisted in 3 categories two years running and the only one to be shortlisted for Water Efficiency Project of the Year.

Andy Hughes, Water Plus Chief Executive, said: “We’re delighted to receive our first Global Gold Award in the Green World Awards, recognising our work to help organisations and raise awareness around the opportunities and savings – from looking closer at water use, to taking steps to cut waste to limit risks to how businesses and other organisations operate.

“Our technical water expertise and customer information and support is helping cut water waste across England and Scotland and identifying issues early that may cause disruption, which also help keep running costs low. Plus, less water waste means less carbon created, so less Scope 3 emissions, helping towards environmental targets and Net Zero.

“We’re committed to making sustainability and minimising our environmental impact core to our business, our people and our customers. From helping sites install water reduction approaches and extra tracking, along with highlighting how water efficiency helps organisations, to increasing tree-planting in the UK to give a boost to biodiversity and increase green canopies for communities, we’ll continue taking action and helping towards sustainability goals.”

The three 2023 awards also follow the company’s first UK Customer Satisfaction award in March 2023, for Sustainable Customer Service, presented by best practice leaders the Institute of Customer Service.

The Green World Awards and the Green Apple Awards are run by The Green Organisation – an international, independent, non-profit, non-political environment group that began in 1994 to recognise, reward and promote environmental best practice around the world.

Through its engagement with organisations around water use and continually gaining efficiency, Water Plus has increased its market performance on meter reading-related activity to put it in the top three water retailers in their industry.

The company, which also became Green World Ambassadors in 2022 to encourage more action by organisations to reduce impacts on the environment, is in the top three water retailers in market performance (MPS) scores, after increasing its score to be in the top 3 in the last 12 months.

Boosting the amount of meter reads in the market data helps to update customer bills on actual water use, reduces bills based on estimated use and help organisations to budget and, in some cases, save energy where less hot water is used.

In November 2022, Water Plus won Gold in the Water Efficiency category at the Green Apple Environment Awards 2022 – and three Silvers, including in the Partnerships category, along with Carbon Reduction award and an award for supporting habitats and biodiversity in the UK – and further afield.

It’s also released a series of podcasts around the importance of organisations looking closer at water use – released on Future Net Zero here – as part of its awareness-raising, engagement and education approach.

More information – and examples – of how Water Plus is helping organisations, is available at: www.water-plus.co.uk/about-us/ .

To partner with the multi-award winning water retailer Water Plus, go to: www.water-plus.co.uk/get-a-quote/ or email [email protected] . When emailing please put “ELN Water” in the subject heading.

Additional information

** Water Plus handles the largest volumes of meter reading-related activities in the industry.

Water Plus won the Automation and Continuous Improvement Award in The Forum Innovation and Transformation Awards 2023. Water Plus also won The Forum Quality and Improvement Team of the Year Award, in The Forum Quality and Customer Experience Awards 2023. The Forum are champions of best practice and professional development and widely recognised as the ‘go-to place’ for innovation in customer operations.

Green World Award winner and companies commended can be seen on The Green World Awards website and The Green Organisation website.

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