Navigating change to build greater energy resilience

Jodie Eaton, CEO of Shell Energy UK Ltd, discusses how the changing energy market is inspiring businesses to focus even more closely on managing operational costs, streamlining consumption and accelerating decarbonisation

Water experts Water Plus scoops 3 awards, including highest level of Green World Award for work with organisations around their water use and water efficiency in the UK

Water retailer Water Plus has received a second Gold for water management in the space of just six months, along with two other national awards in 2023, for its work in its industry and for its water experts

‘Brits overestimate energy savings by 51%’

That’s after following social media hacks, new research has found

Why the energy sector may need to be restructured to different states or their local state laws changed

The energy sector refers to the production, distribution, and consumption of energy, including electricity, natural gas, oil, and renewable sources such as solar and wind power

Water Plus become Green World Ambassadors – to encourage others to take more steps to increase water efficiency and decrease impacts on planet earth

The UK’s largest water retailer has been announced as a Green World Ambassador, after winning a Green Apple Environment Award

New $20m research group to support growth of US solar industry

It aims to make cadmium telluride solar cells – the second most common PV technology in the world after silicon – less expensive and more efficient

Fresh $630m investments to modernise US hydropower facilities

The funding will cover improvement projects that will make hydropower plants more energy efficient and resilient

Bright future for Australian solar research with $45m funding boost

The funding will extend operations of the Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics in conducting solar research to 2030

Industry calls for more energy efficiency investments

Policy incentives are needed to upgrade the UK’s leakiest homes, a trade association has said

BEIS invests £30m in data science

It has increased the number of data scientists employed by more than 450 in the last five years