Greenpeace protesters abseil into Total’s AGM

They were protesting the energy giant’s plans to drill in the mouth of the Amazon and French Guiana

New service to track carbon intensity of heat hits market

Erda Energy has launched a weekly analysis of the carbon intensity of various heating technologies in the UK

Theresa May commits to at least halving energy usage of new buildings by 2030

The Prime Minister also said the UK must lead international efforts for all new cars and vans to be zero emission by 2040

Microsoft Cloud could provide sunny outlook for low carbon data

The global technology firm claims its online solution is around 93% more energy efficient than real-life data centres

Air conditioners ‘to become one of top power demand drivers by 2050’

The International Energy Agency (IEA) stresses the urgent need for policy action to improve cooling efficiency

New York State announces $10m funding to slash building emissions

It aims to reduce the carbon footprint of commercial and industrial buildings

GE gas turbines hit new Guinness World Record

The infrastructure in Japan can convert 63.08% of its fuel energy into electricity

Walmart diverted 78% of its waste from landfill in last financial year

The retailer also sourced 28% of its energy from renewable sources

UK announces new regulations to slash transport emissions

The new rules aim to make road and air transport more environmentally-friendly

New York provides $15m for grid resiliency

The move aims to support the city’s energy storage and renewable power goals