UK announces new regulations to slash transport emissions

The new rules aim to make road and air transport more environmentally-friendly

New York provides $15m for grid resiliency

The move aims to support the city’s energy storage and renewable power goals

Scottish solar breaks down grid barriers

Solar Trade Association Scotland has secured easier grid access for businesses’ and housing developments’ solar power installations

Oil and gas firm steps up efficiency with digital platform

The system has saved around 11 million kroner (£1.3m) on productivity and efficiency metrics

All aboard for energy efficiency with Network Rail

New staff incentivisation aims to help slash the track operator’s carbon footprint

BP: Clean technology could cut consumption by 40%

The tech could increase vehicle efficiency, improve building design and use less energy in cooking and washing

Hot water group says landlords must do more for efficiency

It says around a fifth of privately rented households in the UK struggling to pay their bills

Essex and Hertfordshire partner to go smart

Essex County Council and Hertfordshire County Council have said they will work together to develop and deploy smart technologies in their local areas

Lagos to light up with LED upgrades

A British energy efficiency firm has signed a deal to implement LED streetlight upgrades in Lagos

Efficiency inaction ‘could cost businesses £7.4bn’

If UK businesses don’t take action to manage their gas and electricity consumption, they can expect to pay an extra £7.4 billion on their energy costs by 2019. That’s according to a new report from energy consultancy Inenco, which suggests rising non-commodity costs, expensive carbon pricing and a fall in renewable support scheme incentives mean […]