Water bills to soar as sewage scandals mount

Water suppliers in England plan to spend £10 billion to tackle sewage spills, resulting in increased bills for customers, causing public outrage

Water bills in England could increase as water suppliers plan to spend £10 billion to address sewage spills.

The initial payment for this investment will be provided by the companies, but they will recoup the money through higher bills.

In recent months, privately owned water companies have faced criticism for the frequent discharge of raw sewage into rivers and seas.

Feargal Sharkey, the former lead vocalist of The Undertones and a prominent clean water campaigner, expressed his dissatisfaction with water companies.

He reacted to reports that public money would be used to upgrade storm overflow systems following sewage pollution.

Sharkey highlighted that customers had already paid for a service they didn’t receive and criticised the suggestion that they should pay again.

Ruth Kelly, Chair of Water UK, confirmed that customers would contribute to the £10 billion investment through modest bill increases.

She described it as a significant down payment for the largest transformation project since Victorian times.

Kelly explained that customers would gradually repay the investment over the lifespan of the assets, which could extend up to 100 years.

The news about water companies’ investment comes at a time when there is public outrage over the substantial bonuses and dividends received by water company bosses despite the significant amount of untreated sewage entering rivers in the UK.

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