MPs call for Thames Water bailout plan disclosure

A group of MPs has urged the government to publish its contingency plans for bailing out Thames Water amid fears that taxpayers could be liable for significant costs

Southern Water fined £330k as sewage spill kills 2,000 fish

The water company has been fined £330,000 after a sewage spill near Southampton resulted in the death of nearly 2,000 fish due to a pump failure

Southern Water: Customer data affected by cyber attack

The company has confirmed that a cyber attack has exposed customer and employee data

Thames Water tackles ‘concreteberg’

The company will extract illegally dumped concrete from Hammersmith and Fulham sewers

UK to halt water boss bonuses over environmental breaches

The Environment Secretary has announced a crackdown on water company executives’ bonuses tied to criminal breaches, aiming to ensure accountability and deter illegal behaviour

Water companies face fines for poor customer service

Water companies can be fined up to 10% of their turnover for poor customer service, as new powers granted to Ofwat aim to improve industry standards and accountability

Welsh Water cuts bills

Welsh Water has announced a decrease of approximately 1% in household bills starting April, attributing the reduction to penalties for supply interruptions and leakage

UK water bills to rise 6%

Water bills in England and Wales are set to spike by 6%, adding an average of £27 per year, reaching a new annual household expense of £473

New rules for water company insolvency in UK

The government has introduced updated legislation addressing water company insolvency, aiming to enhance options for special administrators to restructure financially troubled companies

UK utilities: Customer satisfaction hits rock bottom

The utilities sector ranks as the least customer-friendly industry in the UK, scoring 69.5 out of 100, according to the UK Customer Satisfaction Index by the Institute of Customer Service