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You have to align yourself with organisations that prioritise sustainability, says expert

In this week’s episode of the Net Hero Special, we spoke to Sustainability Manager at The Celtic Collection, Fitzroy Hutchinson who said that everyone has a responsibility when it comes to sustainability

Hospitality would struggle without sustainability.

This is what Sustainability Manager at The Celtic Collection, Fitzroy Hutchinson told us in this week’s Big Zero Briefing episode of the Net Zero Podcast.

He said: ‘In hospitality, we’re getting looked at by organisations from the outside in. Businesses only want to work with like-minded organisations, ones that are focused on sustainability.

‘So it’s important that you align yourself with organisations and individuals that have the same attitude as you do.

‘Because if those guys are driving down their emissions and they’re doing everything that they can to positively affect the climate crisis, then you’re all moving in the same direction, you’re all doing it together and everybody’s focus is aligned.’

Fitzroy believes that it is important to start small and have a plan forward when comes to developing a climate strategy.

‘For me, it’s important to do the best you can to repair the damage we’ve done historically but also develop good standards and better practices moving forward.

‘Firstly, evaluate what you currently have, the things you can manage. So make sure you take care of your equipment, your waste streams and your people. Make sure that your people understand what their responsibilities are and help them achieve those.

‘And then build a plan forward. So make sure you understand what technologies are emerging now and also down the line.

‘You can’t not do anything, right? But you also can’t try and do everything all at once. Just don’t be scared to start.’

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