US Senate passes ‘largest investment ever’ in combating climate crisis

The bill is believed to lower consumers’ electricity costs and prices for solar panels, wind turbines and EVs

Shell greenlights investment in major gas field in the UK North Sea

Located nearly 250 kilometres east of Aberdeen, Scotland, the Jackdaw field is expected to come online by 2025

Good Energy’s Founder Juliet Davenport appointed Energy Institute President

Ms Davenport is the successor to former National Grid Chief Executive Officer Steve Holliday

UK’s nature reserves face hotter temperatures

Nearly 94% of The Wildlife Trusts’ sites are projected to see temperature increases of more than 1°C by 2050, according to a report

Climate activists “hijack” UK Oil & Gas shareholder meeting

Protestors forced the company to cancel its annual meeting

The Big Zero Show kicks off!

Today, Coventry has become the home of the UK’s net zero

British Steel forges partnership to support Drax BECCS project

The deal could see around 13,000 tonnes of steel delivered for the company’s multi-billion-pound project

“One in every 45 people could be environment refugees by 2050”

Researchers have warned if emissions continue to soar sea levels may rise by a further 0.4 to 0.8m by 2100

More than half of councils “not confident” of meeting net zero targets

Energy efficiency is the single most important measure toward net zero, according to a survey

New $3.5bn US programme to establish regional direct air capture hubs

The programme will support four large-scale hubs that will each consist of a network of CO2 removal projects to help address the impacts of climate change