Predicting climate change from your own home?

A new computer program has been developed to predict and give reasons for the causes of climate change

More than a third of UK energy and chemicals firms ‘will likely not meet their climate goals this year’

Almost 71% of the UK executives say their organisations have publicly stated climate targets, according to new survey

‘Hydrogen not as green as people think’

A new report claims hydrogen is not the answer to tackling climate change and urges the world to steer focus to electrification

Are humans to blame for last month’s devastating floods?

A new scientific report analyses how much human-induced climate change impacted the extreme flooding witnessed across Western Europe in July 2021

US awards $24m for direct air carbon capture research

The projects are expected to support breakthroughs in understanding how to overcome the limitations of technologies that are currently available, including inefficient energy usage

Korea commits $9m for global climate smart initiatives

Korea will work jointly with the IFC to deploy resources in targeted ways that deliver on the new climate ambitions of their partnership

Are gas bills going to rise in green drive to slash emissions?

Households using gas boilers will reportedly see their bills increase by £170 a year

CCC warns journey to net zero is far from half-completed

The Climate Change Committee notes the government has been too slow to deliver on its climate promises

New consortium formed to address energy security and climate crisis

The Resilient Infrastructure + Secure Energy (RISE) Consortium aims to reimagine how energy is used, generated, transported and stored and how efficient, modern and resilient infrastructure can be built

Small US businesses granted $110m to bring green ideas to market

A total of 102 projects will share the funding for technological solutions in various areas, including advanced manufacturing of wind turbines and batteries and innovation in nuclear physics to lower energy costs