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Net Hero Podcast: Big Zero Briefing – Emissions are admissions

In our final briefing chat, I ask Wendy Cheeseman how our health and net zero are entwined

Net Zero will be better for our health.

That’s why it matters so much, says Wendy Cheeseman, who heads up sustainability at Oxfordshire University Hospitals NHS Trust. Wendy who will be speaking next week at the Big Zero Show, explained why the NHS is so concerned about its own emissions and wider carbon, as she says it is a real marker for health.

We discuss the pathway for reduction for such a large and vital organisation and how to balance what is needed by frontline medicine. Despite what you may think, medical staff who are obviously busy saving lives are also very conscious of the environment says Wendy, so how do you get the balance right?

Find out next week, grab the last few tickets remaining here.

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