Biomass power plant in Hiroshima to get CO2 capture tech tested at Drax project

A 7MW biomass power plant will use the technology in a bid to decarbonise its operations

Winchester zoo harnesses the power of poo to heat its buildings!

Using biomass technology, the project aims to save 220 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year

‘Netherlands to phase out coal by 2030’

A new report claims that Dutch coal will be history by the end of this decade, based on the new carbon price floor and reduction in thermal power generation

Drax’s Selby plant ‘is the UK’s biggest CO2 emitter’

New research finds that the power station is the third-largest CO2 emitter when compared with Europe’s coal fleet

RWE invests in noise reduction technology at CHP plant in Scotland

A low frequency tonal noise associated with the steam turbine generator was identified at the 55MW Markinch Power Station

Drax joins forces with farmers to boost Britain’s energy crop market

The partnership aims to encourage farmers to plant energy crops that will subsequently be used to deliver low carbon fuel

Ministers ‘met with fossil fuel and biomass bosses nine times as often as renewables’

During a twenty-month period of the 130 meetings held with energy producers, nearly 63 were with high carbon energy bosses, according to new research

Drax biomass power station accused of ‘risking its employees’ safety’

The Health and Safety Executive has taken legal action against Drax over allegations that the wood dust might have threatened employees’ safety

Repsol produces ‘Spain’s first’ plane biofuel from waste

The batch consists of 5,300 tonnes of sustainable plane fuel, which Repsol claims will avoid up to 300 tonnes of carbon emissions

Biomass wood chippings
Government boosts biomass production with £4m

Beneficiaries include a project that will grow algae from whisky manufacturing