Ministers ‘met with fossil fuel and biomass bosses nine times as often as renewables’

During a twenty-month period of the 130 meetings held with energy producers, nearly 63 were with high carbon energy bosses, according to new research

Drax biomass power station accused of ‘risking its employees’ safety’

The Health and Safety Executive has taken legal action against Drax over allegations that the wood dust might have threatened employees’ safety

Repsol produces ‘Spain’s first’ plane biofuel from waste

The batch consists of 5,300 tonnes of sustainable plane fuel, which Repsol claims will avoid up to 300 tonnes of carbon emissions

Biomass wood chippings
Government boosts biomass production with £4m

Beneficiaries include a project that will grow algae from whisky manufacturing

US announces $34m to produce low carbon biofuels for planes and ships

The Department of Energy believes biofuels will play an important role in reaching the goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050

Clean biofuels and bio-products research projects bag $45.5m

They are produced by converting biomass – made up of recently-living organic materials like crop and food waste and algae – and other waste resources into valuable low carbon alternatives to products

Drax to build three biomass pellet plants in Arkansas

The company’s investment in these projects is worth $40 million

Octopus Renewables acquires two UK biomass plants

The plants have a combined capacity of 85.7MW

How to Leverage Green Heat for a Green Recovery

Presently, sustainably sourced biomass is the only reliable, dispatchable, renewable fuel on the market that is readily available today and can re-place fossil fuels for both power and heat generation.

New $61.4m funding for biofuels research to reduce transport emissions

It will support technologies that produce low cost biofuels, derived from renewable resources and can power heavy duty vehicles that are difficult to electrify with current technologies, including airplanes and ships