First certified solar bond lands in Brazil

The bond will be used to finance distributed solar power projects across the country

New scheme aims to make Brazilian cities more energy efficient

It is expected to create new markets in the areas of efficient street lighting and industrial energy efficiency

Brazilian oil firm Petrobras’ boss resigns amid protests

Lorry drivers took part in a strike, which ended last week, against diesel prices which led to major shortages across the country

IFC provides $200m for Brazilian port’s power plant

The funding will help develop, build and operate a thermal power plant in the Port of Sergipe

Brazil’s state energy sell-off ‘could raise $4bn’

Brazil’s state-controlled utility giant expects share sales in its upcoming privatisation to raise up to $4 billion (£2.8bn). Eletrobras plans to sell off around 57 of its major infrastructure assets, including some or all of its 51% stake in distribution company Centrais Eletricas. The utility controls electricity lines and power plants through the country, accounting […]

Brazil breaks 1GW solar milestone

Brazil has surpassed the 1GW milestone of installed solar power capacity. The achievement puts the nation among only 30 countries in the world generating this level of electricity from the sun’s rays, according to the country’s state-run news service, Agencia Brasil. The Brazilian Association of Solar Power (Absolar) says this energy will be able to […]

British Embassy seeks consultant for research into Brazil’s energy market

The British Embassy is seeking a consultant to undertake research and analysis of Brazil’s energy market. It is developing a programme to assist with the nation’s low carbon energy transition and will use the information to support the Prosperity Fund Energy Programme. The study must collate the current energy regulatory framework in areas including oil […]

UK provides £62m to combat deforestation in Latin America

The UK Government has announced two projects to help combat deforestation in Latin America. It is investing £19 million in the Partnerships for Forests (P4F) fund for projects in Brazil, Colombia and Peru to protect the Amazon Rainforest. It has pledged a further £43 million in the REDD for Early Movers (REM) initiative, in partnership […]

Brazil joins IEA as association country

Brazil has joined the International Energy Agency (IEA) as an association country. They have signed a detailed three-year programme highlighting a range of issues of mutual interest and co-operation. The IEA believes Brazil’s leading expertise in bioenergy, hydro and other forms of clean and conventional power provides an “excellent” basis to develop solutions for global […]

Could hydropower be swing in the wrong direction for carbon?

Hydroelectric dams in the Amazon could be increasing carbon emissions by allowing vines to outnumber trees. Researchers from the University of Stirling claim vines called lianas, which have been popularised as Tarzan’s favourite form of transport, are much better suited than trees to adapting to the ‘forest fragmentation’ caused by the supposedly clean form of […]