UK commits £85m to tackle global deforestation

The commitment, made at the COP28 summit in Dubai, includes up to £35m to protect the Amazon rainforest through Brazil’s dedicated Amazon Fund

The UK Government has announced a package worth more than £85 million to tackle global deforestation and help reduce methane emissions.

Energy Security Secretary Clair Coutinho made the commitment at the COP28 summit in Dubai, which includes up to £35 million to protect the Amazon rainforest through Brazil’s dedicated Amazon Fund.

The latest funding would be in addition to £80 million announced by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak earlier this year, placing the UK among the fund’s top three contributors.

Other measures include up to £40 million of new funding to expand the UK’s Climate Finance Accelerator, which aims to provide practical ways to help countries finance and deliver their climate commitments under the Paris Agreement.

In addition, £2 million will support US President Joe Biden’s Methane Finance Sprint, helping reduce emissions in major methane-emitting sectors such as energy, agriculture and waste.

Ms Coutinho said: “The UK is a world leader in the drive to net zero, so it is vital we support our international allies like Brazil in meeting their climate ambitions.

“That’s why we have pledged up to £35 million to help stop deforestation in the Amazon, making the UK one of the largest contributors to the Amazon Fund.

“We will also partner with Brazil at COP28 and draw on our combined strengths to develop alternative fuels like hydrogen, advance green technologies and drive global action to cut emissions.”

The first agreement with Brazil will support efforts to cut emissions from heavy industries such as steel, cement and chemicals, which are set to become responsible for the largest share of global emissions in the 2030s.

Under the second agreement, the UK will support Brazil’s National Hydrogen Programme, which is aiming for a sevenfold increase in research and development in clean hydrogen-related technologies between 2020 and 2025.

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