Unprecedented heatwave hits Brazil

A heatwave in Brazil prompts red alerts for thousands of locations, affecting more than a hundred million people, attributed to El Niño and climate change

A heatwave of unprecedented magnitude has gripped nearly 3,000 towns and cities across Brazil, with red alerts issued as temperatures soared to record-breaking levels.

In Rio de Janeiro, the mercury rose to 52.5°C, contributing to more than a hundred million people being affected by the scorching conditions.

The National Institute of Meteorology reported average temperatures of 37.3°C in Sao Paulo.

Officials attribute the extreme heat to the El Niño phenomenon and the impact of climate change.

Scientists warn that the length and intensity of heatwaves are likely to increase globally due to ongoing greenhouse gas emissions.

The current El Niño phase further amplifies the soaring temperatures, with the heatwave expected to persist until at least Friday.

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