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Octopus wraps its tentacles around Brazil’s energy market

Octopus Energy Group's first venture into South America focuses on deploying affordable renewables across Brazil

Octopus Energy Group and Energisa Group have announced a partnership to advance Brazil‘s energy revolution.

Through this collaboration, Octopus Energy Group aims to introduce its energy solutions to South America’s largest country.

The partnership will focus on deploying cost-effective renewable energy solutions at scale, leveraging Octopus’ proprietary technology platform, Kraken.

Energisa Group is one of Brazil’s leading energy companies.

Together, the companies plan to optimise energy management, improve customer service and explore potential joint ventures to address energy poverty and promote sustainability in Brazil.

Greg Jackson, Founder of Octopus Energy Group, commented: “This is a massive opportunity and can serve as a blueprint for similar countries and places with high fuel poverty.

“Through a combination of methods, our budding partnership will help build the future green energy system in South America – with world-class efficiency and customer service at the heart.”

Ricardo Perez Botelho, Chief Executive Officer of Energisa, said: “This agreement represents not only a collaboration between companies but a joining of efforts towards a greater goal: driving the energy transition and bringing access to energy to communities that do not yet have it.”

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