PAC slams Green Homes Grant for dismal failure

It has revealed the scheme only upgraded 47,500 homes out of the 600,000 originally envisaged and calls for BEIS to ’acknowledge its failures’

EV charge points to be installed in all new UK buildings

Boris Johnson is set to announce the new legislation later today – it is projected that 145,000 extra charge points each year until 2030 will be the result

‘Energy certificates overestimate carbon impacts by 60%’

A new report suggests that EPCs are ‘misleading’ when it comes to understanding the carbon footprint of zero-carbon buildings

Melbourne’s buildings could provide 74% of its energy needs

Fully integrated solar across the Australian city could cover three-quarters of its electricity consumption, a new study has found

Homes England and Octopus Real Estate launch £175m Greener Homes Alliance

The Alliance will provide loans of between £1m and £20m to make new SME housing projects low carbon and more energy efficient

Don’t demolish, retrofit!

That’s the claim of engineers who believe government should set more ambitious targets to decarbonise the construction sector

New €5.7bn French scheme to support small solar installations granted EU approval

The measure, which will run until 2026, will be open to operators of small solar installations located on buildings with a capacity of up to 500kW

What are the top five greenest buildings in the world?

This week, ELN’s Top 5 series delves into the greenest buildings in the world – where are they located and what makes them so green?

New York colleges and universities win share of $5m for clean energy solutions

The projects are expected to save 4,604 metric tons of carbon every year in total – equivalent to removing almost 4,000 cars from the road annually

How to Get Planning Permission and Avoid Being Declined

Planning permission can sometimes take a while and become frustrating. In the article below we look at what common obstacles occur with planning permission and what can be done to ensure these obstacles are avoided in the future.